White Zinfandel Syndrome

Summer is almost over, but here in Florida it is still pretty hot, it is Labor Day weekend and the question that simmered in my mind all summer long was of course - what kind of wine should I drink?
Before I get really started here in a minute, I must warn you that I am very passionate about dry style rose wines in the summer and hate the fact that most restaurants don't carry any because of the white zinfandel syndrome!  
Ok, but let's get started.  As you may can guess, when I asked myself the question as to what wine to enjoy during these hot summer days, rose wines come to mind, more often than not! 
It is a perfect summer sipper, great for your outdoor patio relaxation and even better, it pairs well with lots of great food!  Oh well, you could say, so does a sauvignon blanc or a nice albarino.  Why get so excited about this very subject?  Part of that is do to the fact that I grew in Germany and been drinking these gems from the south of France for a long time was never infected by what I call, white Zinfandel syndrome. 
You may ask yourselves, what syndrome?  Let’s face it, when most people think of rose or blush wines, they think of this sweet, inexpensive wine called white Zinfandel.  Most people even believe that white Zinfandel is its own grape!  It is not!
Rose or blush style wines are made one of two ways.  The more typical and classic way is to allow short contact with the grape skins which gives them the blush color and some deeper red wine character.  Beyond the obvious passion I have for dry rose/blush wines, not only the ones from France, but also from other parts of the world such as Australia, Spain et cetera.

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