Florida Whiskey

Who would have thought?  Certainly not me!  Not that I am a whiskey snob or so, but Florida Whiskey?!
It certainly got my attention when I met the owners and producers Dick and Marti of Palm Ridge Reserve Whiskey a couple of month ago.
Palm Ridge Reserve Whiskey is truly a handmade, micro batched Florida whiskey.  And it is very good!
The whiskey only ages for about 1 year in 3 gallon wood barrels, but it is smooth with great notes of oak and some hint of caramel from the ageing.  The whiskey is hand bottled, labeled, etc. after that.
Look up their website for more in depth information if you like whiskey or got curious!
Or come to 619 Ocean View for dinner and try a sip.  You will be surprised how great whiskey from our own backyard can be!
Palm Ridge Reserve

Ambiance, Great Food and stunning wines

At our 619 Ocean View Restaurant, we have a great menu.  Some of our signature dishes include our Parma Scallop appetizer and the Roasted Grouper (see picture below).
Our wine list is put together by placing a great focus on wines that not everybody knows and a large, by the glass, wine selections of 40 selections strong.  I continue to seek out wines that are off the beaten path or are simply not a wine that lots of people would know about.
Why would I want to have a list that doesn't crown itself with only Wine Spectator or Robert Parker top rated wines?
It is simple.  Every other restaurant does that already and not enough people try to educate guests on all these other great wines out there.  And that is where my personal desire and mission comes in.
In this blog, we will focus on wines that meet this criteria & food recipes that match our Mediterranean touch.
Any great menu suggestions and especially stories about wines you found that not many people know, but is seriously great wine, please share with us.

Our mediterranean, seafood inspired restaurant is located right on the Atlantic Ocean in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.