Volcanic Wines | Canary Islands

As mentioned in my previous blog, I moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  Beautiful Island that I can highly recommend for anybody to go on vacation!  Anyways, don't want to blog about vacation destinations; I want to blog about wine.  Wine from the Canary Islands, wines like Vinatigo that is made with the local grape called Gual.  The wine is being produced on the Island of Tenerife and pairs well with seafood dishes.  The wine is full bodied and with a golden-green color to it.  Lots of citrus aromas lead by

Volcanic Wines

I know that I am way overdue a post.  I know that I owe some follow up blogs such as the tasting results from the wine in the box experiment!  However, while I don't make excuses, I am still running laps in trying to re-coordinate my life!  I had the crazy idea to move my family back to Europe, and since we lived in the warm, beautiful place called Florida, what better place then the Canary Islands?  That is the same what I thought.  So, after finishing lengthy interviews I flew to to Tenerife, Spain for my final interviews.  The second evening while I am there, I went to the tapas & wine bar.  When I ask for Spanish wines, he ask me if I like to try a wine from the Canary Islands?  More specifically he asked me if I like to try wines from Tenerife!