Champions League Finals | Bavarian Style

I am sure that not everybody will watch the Champions League Final in Wembley tonight, but worldwide over 300 million people will watch this game live on television! Just as a point of reference, the American Super Bowl had 113 million worldwide, watching the game.
Anyways, while I am not going to suggest any wines whatsoever in today's blog, I will share with you what you should be drinking and/or eating tonight before or while watching the CL Final.
Bavarian Weisswurst with German Pretzels ( the big ones) and drink a Franziskaner Hefeweizen with that!  Of course if you happen to be a Dortmund fan, that properly wouldn't be your choice and you already used the back arrow button on your browser.

I have been enjoying this traditional Bavarian meal before every Champions League game with my family and thus far, FC Bayern München has always won, so you can guess what's for dinner tonight.
You are right, so as they say, Pack Ma's! Mia San Mia.

Prost und Guten Appetit

And if you need some music to go along, listen to the "Stern des Südens" Team song.

Song: Stern des Südens

Memorial Day | BBQ

Who isn't looking forward to Memorial Day weekend to start?  Most of us already have their vision of how they spend their afternoons in the backyard, grilling, drinking and spending quality time with friends and family.  But what will you be throwing on the grill? And what will you be drinking?
If the weather is nice, most of us are likely to enjoy a few beers while grilling, but then what?
BBQ ribs and beer?  Sure, there is nothing wrong as long as you drink a nice micro brew,

Pinot Noir | Edition Spain

It is save to say, that I had my fair share of Pinot Noir, from really good to bad, from regions where I where everybody knows that Pinot Noir is king to regions where I didn't know Pinot was grown and/or could make a good wine. 
Such a region is Navarra in Spain.  Located in the north east, near the border to France and the Pyrenees Mountains, is this great wine region where wine is being made since the 2nd century BC by the ancient Romans.  Pinot Noir is certainly a minority player