how long does an open wine bottle lasts?

So, I started typing this morning and was all ready to deliver part 2 of the cellar edition from yesterday’s blog.  But, I thought to myself, there are more interesting “getting in the know” of wine topics to cover.  Nobody wants to read a lengthy blog about collecting and investing in wine.  Or at least not yet, right?
Instead, I am going to cover a brief series of blogs with some additional questions that arise.  Today, I am going to talk about an open bottle of wine and how long is the juice actually still good?
Once you open the bottle, oxygen will mix with the wine and eventually will spoil your wine within the same day at times.  However,
we can lengthen that process easily with a couple of easy fixes.  First of all, drink red wine instead of white wine.  Just kidding.  Although red wine lasts longer, as its tannins act as a preservative.  However, The most obvious is often forgotten and that is to put your cork right back in the bottle after you poured yourself a glass and keeping your open wine bottle in the fridge adds about 3 days to the life of the wine!  If you are able to buy a VacuVin wine saver, go for it!  Those things indeed work very well and extend your open wine’s life up to one week in length.

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