Natural Wine

Yesterday evening I read an interesting article about natural wine.  I had heard about it a little bit, but never really bothered reading up on it until yesterday.  As I was reading this article, I asked myself, what are they trying to point out here?  Are they saying, what we identify as a Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t really a Cabernet Sauvignon?  What we claim to be some of the best Bordeaux or Burgundy wines aren’t really what the grape
should be expressing?  That makes absolutely no sense to me and I tell you why.  So based on New York author and natural wine “fighter” Alice Feiring, wines today are being custom tailored to meet powerful reviewers, such as Robert Parker or Wine Spectator’s , likes of a grape. 
I don’t think so.  If I am enjoying a 20+ year old red wine and is has the same characteristics as the one that is 10+ years old (minus the age difference and tannin structure), how could that be?  Exactly!  20+ years ago wine reviews were not that powerful to have everybody ask “how high” when the critics ask to jump.  Are their some questionable ratings from some big critics?  I certainly would say so, but that is not what we are here to talk about today.
Because if we are saying that the wine we consume today is not natural, we might as well say the same about beef, vegetables, fish et cetera.  Well, for that matter, we might as well close all the Italian restaurants here in the states as they are certainly not natural.  Authenticity has many definitions.  If we are talking about an authentic dish, should we use local ingredients from that country? Or just those specific ingredients period?  Can we change the spice level of a dish, so that more people can enjoy the dish or can we not?  I think my point is clear.  I am always for different ways to approach wine and wine making, but most people still have a hard time, learning the abc of wine.  Furthermore, I don’t think trying to tell somebody what to do in such tough economic times, is the right time for such battle anyways.
I care less about ratings from wines anyways and drink the wines I learned to like, which are all of them in the right setting, in the right time of year!

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  1. Hi I am encouraged by this as I am commissioning a 'natural wine' just now with a really passionate winemaker in Sicily. I have tasted and enjoyed his wines and he wants to take things a bit further, I would love to hear what you think? : Regards Philip Morton