Grape Lessons Riesling | The Elegant One

What is Riesling
Riesling is one of the world's best white wine grape and was first grown in Gemany in the 15th Century.  Given where Rielsing thrives best, it is easily understood that the hardy wood enables the vines to be very resistant to frost.  Riesling excels is the cooler climates, where it ripen slowly to perfection to either produce dry style Alcasian or German Rieslings all the way to Icewine.

Where to find Riesling
Riesling's home is in Germany along the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Nahe, Pfalz Rheinhessen and Rheingau to name a few. Beyond Germany, the Alsace produces stellar dry forward Rieslings from there famed "Selection de Grains Nobles" and Austria is growing and bottling some nice

Grape Lessons Tempranillo | Spanish Paella or Iberian Pork?

What is Tempranillo
Tempranillo  is a native Spaniard and when when yielded properly, this almost black in color grape, produces beautiful and full bodied red wines.  Although Tempranillo is used in various Spanish growing regions, it is mostly associated with Rioja.  When produced in the traditional style, Tempranillo often has a garnet-hued color to it and its aromas and flavors are tea, brown sugar and vanilla notes while the modern versions display notes of plum, cassis and tobacco with a dark red color and big tannin structure.

Where to Find Tempranillo
Tempranillo can be found in various wine producing regions within Spain, however Rioja and Ribera del Duero are the most mentioned. Both regions display similiar styles and offer a traditional and modern style produced wine as descriped above.
You can also find this grape in Portugal under the name of Tinta Roriz where it is used in the Port (wine) production.

How to Pair