Wine Serving Temperatures

Do the proper wine serving temperatures really matter?  I am not talking about whites cold and red wines warmer, I am dialing in a bit deeper.  Did you ever have a glass of wine at a bar or while sitting in a restaurant and felt that the redwine gave you a bit of burn that you usually don't get?  That is likely because this higher in alcohol wine, was served to warm.
Same happens with white wines, they should have a chill, but if it is a wine of any decent quality, it shouldn't be ice cold.  Ice cold wine hides all the sins from the poor making, but even worse, it hides all these great elements and aromas that you paid for in that glass of wine in front of you.

Either way | Temperature does and should matter and restaurants need to do a better job, serving wine at the appropriate Celsius or Fahrenheit.  When guests have to put ice cubes in their red wine to bring it to proper temperature, there is certainly something wrong with that.

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Wine Temperatures

International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

Cheers to another great invention.  The birth of the International Cabernet Day.  According to some Napa Wineries and the below linked facebook site, it all started about 5 years ago and will be held on the 28th of August. Little history about the founding of this day.  It all started with a bunch of napa cab winemakers who got together at the ledendary Chateau Montelena to taste, talk and tweet about each others wines.  This get together is celebrating 5 years and turned in a more global happening which is reaching about 100,000,000 people!

International Cabernet Day Facebook page

However if you look at on the website, it is being held each and every year on the 30th of August.

As it relates to which day to celebrate?  I say – Pick both and enjoy a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.
I know that I will certainly say cheers to that.

Cheers to  #CabernetDay