A new Era of Food and Wine | The rising continues

I am currently in San Antonio and had the great opportunity to assist with the opening of a stunning new hotel called Eilan Hotel Resort & Spa.  An absolute gem and one of a kind in San Antonio.  A place, were a new restaurant by the name of Sustenio had its Grand Opening yesterday.  A restaurant, were food is being taken to the next level of modern cooking!  The Executive Chef, David Gilbert who is a phenomenal Culinarian leads the charge in this Stephan Pyles inspired restaurant concept of modern southwestern cuisine.  Not that New York, Chicago and other great food destination don't have such great restaurants already, however San Antonio didn't until Saturday when 500+ guests experienced a Grand Opening like no other.
 But back to the food and eventually the tie with rise in modern wine making, the reinvention of traditional and modern, an episode from back to the future so to speak.
The restaurant prepares most of its menu items by using a modern technique called sous vide.  A method of cooking in which the food is being sealed in airtight plastic bags and cooked up to 72 hours at a low temperature around 140F (60 Celsius).  The style of cooking enables the food to be cooked more evenly and stay juicier.  But that is not all; the restaurant prepares absolutely everything from scratch to ensure that every bite you eat will be a delight to remember.
By the way, they also have a huge wine list with lots of collectables.  Oh, that's right; I owe you the wine portion of this blog.  Let’s get to it.
Going back to the basics but using modern techniques as described above is also happening in the wine world.  I had previously blogged about the rise of the local, small indigenous grape varietals that are resurfacing all over the place.  They also using new methods to make wine, such as using concrete vessels instead of stainless steel or used oak barrels.  Some wine makers also returned to whole cluster fermentation which changes the wine to great extend and allows different characteristics to show in a wine.  The more in depth of the wine part will be ready later this week.

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  1. Great Blog Post! Can't wait to read more... hooked! Thanks for supporting Eilan and Sustenio--your touches were nothing short of perfection!