St Patrick's Day | Green Beer or Green Wine?

We all know about the green beer for St. Patrick's Day, or the Guinness drinking competitions (yes, I did those as well when I was younger) and of course the good excuse to drink Irish Whiskey until we can't remember anymore...
But one thing, I never noticed, is the offering of green beer!  Not that I would want to encourage anybody to take a nice bottle of Chardonnay and add green food coloring to it, but I would have never asked anybody to do the same for the beer either.  Since my birthday is always a couple days prior to St. Patrick's Day and usually simply leads into a 3 day stretch of drinking anyways, I might as well, add drinking a green glass of wine to the list!  Only for my Irish friends - of course. 
In Germany, I properly would get shot for something like that :)

Cheers | Have a great St. Patrick's Day and don't do anything that I would not do ;)