"Clearly" grapejuice

Good Morning.  Isn't it amazing how we all take certain things for granted?  I mean, because we know the answer, we believe that everybody should know the answer as well.  Oh well, I had one of those scenarios just the other day.  Somehow I started talking about white Merlot and I could see the eyes of that person had gotten bigger and confusion took over his facial impressions.
Naturally I stopped my train of thought and asked if everything is ok.  In turn, the question if Merlot wasn't a red wine grape, came to some surprise.
When I explained that all grapes are producing white grape juice and that the contact with the actual skin makes the wine red or if a rose wine is desired, very short contact, I was given a disbeliefing and very skeptic stare at first. So, I thought, WOW - That might be a good thing to cover in my blog.  Over the next few blogs, I will cover red, white and rose wine production and may follow that with port and sherry.

Have a great day and don't forget |  Life is too short to drink cheap wine :)

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