Square and fair | Wine in the Box

I have been buying wine in box for some time now, but usually only to give to our chefs for cooking purposes.  It is cheaper than large glass bottles, more eco-friendly, less weight and it stacks better in my storeroom!  Recently however, I was asked by a friend of mine, if I would drink box wine and I told him that there was NO way, I would be drinking that stuff.  He asked me if I ever had tried it and I said yes, about 5 years ago and I really don't want to do that again.  He kept talking about how much these wines have improved and how the wine lasts about two weeks once opened et cetera.  So long story short,
I did a little research online and sure enough, it seems as this segment of wine, certainly has improved.  Either that or they pay wine writers lots of money to pretend!  Anyways, below is a listing of some great box wine that appear to have good ratings.  I will promise to buy 3 box wines of good quality (based on what I read) and blog a follow up on this.  If you have any great or bad experiences with box wines or wine in a bag, please share them with me!

Black Box Sauvignon Blanc - California
Big House Red - blended California red
French Rabbit Pinot Noir - France
Le Bord'Eaux Merlot - France | Bordeaux
Hardy's Shiraz - South East Australia

I am looking forward (or not) to try some of these wines.  Until the next time, I would stick with wine in the bottle!  Cheers.


  1. We look forward to seeing the results of your tasting! (FYI, all but one of the wines you list here are in our wine database...just waiting to be reviewed! For instance, our list of Black Box wines: http://bit.ly/IgoDA8)

  2. As 'Sediment Blog' implies, wine in boxes should, broadly speaking, stay there. It's a packaging concept built on convenience, primarily for the lone drinker or single-serve; generally not utilised by wine makers with liquid product of any quality above 'acceptable'. There are many reasons why it has not caught on; and it would require a significant shift in winemaker usage and consumer perceptions for the wine box to ever be more than a niche, distress SKU option. Others may feel differently, of course?

  3. I had also posted my blog on LinkedIn. Follow the link below to read some other great passionate feedback.

    I also tried 2 box wines already and once the third is done, I will add my follow up blog as promised.