Cooking with Wine - what about kids?

So what about when I want to cook a nice meal for the whole family, but the recipe calls for red wine or brandy etc?
Does it all cook off?
That question is certainly not only pertaining for children but also for women that are pregnant or for people who don't drink alcohol for religious reasons or so.
Fact is that alcohol evaporates at 178° F and water at 212° F.
So, when you add wine to a hot pan and watch it bubble and steam, the alcohol is evaporating and if you give it enough time and maintain a high heat level, it will seem to completely cook off. 
However, there are usually other liquids in a dish, like water fat drippings, that mix with the wine but need more heat to evaporate.  In other words, it is very hard to tell if all the alcohol is all gone.

So, either you give it your best and don't mind if there might be a 0.5% percent of alcohol left in the dish prepared or you substitute for a non-alcohol grape juice.  There are some other options as well.  As example, apple juice instead of calvados or simply use a broth or stock and alter the recipe a bit. In sweet dishes, substitutions can be fruit juices.
Non alcoholic wines are a valid option as well, but I tried one recently and wasn't really impressed with the quality and most of them still have some alcohol left in them anyways!

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