What is Marsala wine?

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking Marsala, is a nice veal scallopini.  But to be perfectly honest, cheap cooking wine comes to mind as well.  That might be driven because of the me working the restaurant industry, but anyways.  Marsala is certainly more than that.
First and foremost, Marsala is a place, to be exact, it is a city in the western part of Sicily.  On this beautiful island south of Italy, Marsala wine is made.  It is made in a fortified style, similar to port wines.  It is relatively high in alcohol and is produced in an amber, gold or ruby version.  And while most of us know the sweet version of Marsala, it also produced dry and semi-dry.
So, see if your local wine store has some nice Marsala, it is really a nice alternative to Port.

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