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As promised yesterday, we will dip a bit deeper into the chocolates today.  Since you are reading this blog, you must have a passion for chocolate and with that love chocolate soufflés.  I mean who doesn't like that warm, melting in your mouth, chocolate cake deliciousness?  Add a raspberry sauce and now marry that soufflé with nice late-harvest sauvignon blanc such as a Sauternes  and you will know what a “match in heaven” is all about.  Sauternes is very famous for its sweet dessert style white wines and is situated in the Bordeaux region of France.  California also produces some great late harvest wines, Hall and Honig winery to name a couple of examples.
For everybody that likes sparkling wine with chocolate, try a sweet,
sparkling rose, such as the Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto D’Acqui, with a nice chocolate fudge cheesecake . 
Like Port wines?  Like Nuts and chocolate?  Good, as they can be paired with pecan, choco drizzled tarts or any other chocolate dessert that has nuts as an ingredient. 
Last but not least, we need to talk about Champagne and chocolates.  Brut style Champagne or other brut sparkling wines really don't match well with chocolates at all.  The only kind I did enjoyed somewhat was a citrus filled pralines with Champagne.  Some darker, bittersweet chocolates did ok as well, but generally speaking - stick to the "just" dry or even semi-dry bubbles with your chocolates and pralines, otherwise you might find yourself in dissapointment!
Of course – chocolate dipped Strawberries are different and work!  Why?  Usually the chocolate is a darker, bittersweet kind and the strawberry itself changes the flavor profile greatly.  I still would not pair a nice bottle of Dom Perignon with a chocolate covered strawberries, but that's just me :)
As a reminder and great rule of thumb - Always ensure that the wine is sweeter than the chocolate!
Tomorrow I will share my point of view as to when decanting makes sence and enhances your wine experience!

Learn and talk wine! Why? Because live is too short to drink cheap wine!

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