Old versus New

I was watching TV the other night and got a bit tired as it was late but the movie was really good, so I hit the record button and finished watching it another time.  Back in days, I/you stayed awake and got yourself deeper into the movie to finish it.  Nowadays we simply hit the record button and finish watching the movie over breakfast versus popcorn.  But does that really have the same effect?  Is new technology really always the better approach?  And what has all this to do with wine?
I compare it like this - great wine used you have to age for some time and you waited patiently until it was ready and got all excited to open that bottle. Now, most wines are ready to drink - no aging required!
But is that really the same experience?  Sure the movie is the same, doesn't matter if I watch it at night with a glass of wine and some snacks on the couch or if I watch it over breakfast with coffee, but he experience
certainly is very different!  Wouldn't you agree?
I say, the same is with wine.  Is the screw cap wine that is ready to drink today bad?  Hell no!  Some of it, is really good, but is it the same when you didn't have to wait for it, didn't create a moment for it?
I say no - So the next time you are watching a good movie, open up a nice bottle of wine that you might have been hanging on to and finish that movie that night in good company with your nice bottle of wine!


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