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What is Malbec?
Malbec makes beautiful wines and its grapes are purple in color.  What does Malbec has in common with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmerere, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot?
Very simple - These are the allowed grapes to use in the blending of red Bordeaux wine. 

French Malbecs tend to show a bit more Terroir, have a stronger tannic structure and showcase notes of blackberry, mocha, tobacco and at times, raisin.

Argentinian Malbecs tend to be a bit softer and less tannic then its French counterpart.  It is a bit fruitier, soft, juicy, a bit herbal, and when oak ages for a bit it show some spice. I love well balanced Argentinian Malbecs by itself or with a nice Winter Stew to stay warm in the colder month of the year.

Where to Find Malbec
Most of us tend to think of Argentina as the home of all the Malbecs, when in fact, they once were plentiful in France until a frost wiped them out in 1956. Nowadays, Argentina certainly has plenty of Malbec planted in its vineyards; however you can find Malbec in other parts of the world, including North America.

How to Pair Malbec
Malbecs, even the lower-acid, softly-tannined ones, are big and bold enough to stand up to sweet, spicy, and robust sauces and big flavors. Besides hearty stews, I like bold flavored BBQ and nicely charred beef briskets with it.

I didn't have lots from France, but as for Argentinian Malbec's, I like Luigi Bosca Lujan de Cuyo Reserva, Maipe Reserva amongst others.

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