Super Bowl | Beer or Wine?

As many beer companies are already warming up for the "Best Commercial" show down, most people have nothing but drinking beer for Super Bowl on their mind for sure.  But should they?  Should you?
In my point of view, not necessarily as I can have a glass of easy going Zinfandel with my Burger or bbq ribs, just as well as having a craft beer with it. Another example would be having a glass of Riesling with my chips and salsa or even spicy chicken wings.
Or my team is playing and I feel like celebrating and pop open a few bottles of bubbles to watch the game.
Champagne and other bubbles are always a good choice and certainly go a long way with the misses who are likely "stuck" watching the game with you anyways.

So what will it be at your house?  All beer?  All wine?  Or .... ?

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