Christmas Wine | Holiday Wine

I wish you all Happy Holidays!
The great thing about wine is that it doesn't matter what you celebrate or if you don't celebrate at all.
In the cooler (Florida) or cold (most other places) winter season, a nice mulled wine or a hot German Gluehwein, is always a nice touch and usually welcomed by all.
There are of course other and with that, plentyful choices of Hot winter beverages.  Below find a couple recipes for them as well as list of "warming" winter beverages.  Some with wine and some without:

Hot Apple Cider | Classic
Peppermint Paddy | Hot Chocolate with Creme de Menthe or Peppermint Schnapps
Russian Hot Chocolate | Add Vodka and whipped cream
Hot Toddy | Lemon Juice, Honey and Whiskey - If you like, add a sprinkle of Cinnamon
Irish Coffee | A year around popular drink
Winter Julep | Peppermint Tea, Brown Sugar and of course the mint sprig
Blizzard | Coffee, Whiskey, Hazelnut & Irish Cream (Baileys or similiar) liqour - topped with Whipped Cream and a drizzle of Grand Marnier (Or make it a Grand Marnier Whipped Cream)
Hot Buttered Rum | Butter, Brown Sugar, Powdered Sugar and Heavy Cream

German Gluehwein
Ingredients (serves 2-3 persons)
  • 1 bottle of dry red wine (750 ml)
  • one lemon
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon
  • 3 cloves
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • some cardamom (or ginger)
Heat the red wine in a pot (don't boil). Cut the lemon into slices and add to the wine. Then add the cinnamon, cloves, sugar and a little cardamom (to taste). Heat everything for about 5 minutes - do not boil - and let stand for about an hour. Before serving, reheat and strain. Serve in prewarmed glasses or mugs
Viennese Flaming Fire Tongs Punch
  • 1 natural/organic* orange
  • 1 natural/organic* lemon
  • 5 cloves
  • one cinnamon stick
  • one Viennese Zuckerhut** (sugar loaf)
      (substitute sugar cubes if you can't find a real Zuckerhut)
  • 3 bottles of red wine (750 ml each)
  • one bottle of rum (750 ml)
Thoroughly wash the orange and lemon under hot water. Peel the citrus fruit into spirals as thinly as possible. Pour the wine into a kettle or large pot. Add the spices and the orange and lemon peels. Place the fire tongs over the kettle (or pot). Place the Viennese sugar loaf on the tongs, soak it with the rum, and then light it. Continue to pour some rum onto the sugar loaf so that the melting sugar gradually drips into the wine. Serve the punch in Pyrex (heat-resistant) glasses.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas

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