Happy Thanksgiving | Beer or Wine

Which wine should I pair with my turkey for Thanksgiving?  Or should I just stick to beer?

That is always an interesting question and in my eyes, people make it way to complicated.  Isn't cooking all this food enough work as it is?  

If you like a red wine, nowadays, I would look for a California Pinot, such as La Crema or even a bit lighter and more fruit forward, Meomi Pinot Noir. 
As for white wine, I would go with a German Riesling (I am German, so that might have an influence :) ) Kabinet or Spaetlese. The have a higher residual sugar content, great acidity and mineralty, which make them good partners for your Thanksgiving turkey feast today.  Shall your selection be more limited, go with a nice Riesling from Washington State, such as Chateau St. Michelle.
Other white wines that work well with your turkey dinner are Gewuerztraminer, California Sauvignon Blancand/or Viognier.  As alternative red wines, I would suggest a Australian Shiraz and ripe California Zinfandel such as Klinker Brick Zinfandel.

On the beer side, stick with the new era of craft beers.  A nice Samuel Adams Boston Lager or a nice IPA from Sierra Nevada or Full Sail.  Can't go wrong with that.

Have a great day - Happy Thanksgiving.

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