Fall Season | Stews and Red Wine

I don't have to be a meterologist to know that the cooler fall and winter season is upon us.  Here in North Florida, we have been very fortunate and the weather been staying nice and warm thus far but that is changomg this weekend here as well.
Anyways, I am certainly not here to share weather updates with you, but rather the impact this seasonal change will and should have on our eating and drinking habits.  Most people already are done with the summer salads that had nice citrusy vinaigrettes over crisp lettuce et cetera and are scrolling right passed that section looking for a heartier dish.  It is the time of year where butternut squash and pumpkin
soups are finding their ways onto the menus, where where melon and spring onions are being replaced with pears and other fall starches and vegetables.  Beef Stews, shorts rips and all those goodies are coming back. Why? Because with the change of seasons, come different seasonal vegetables and starches on the table. Its that simple! The body is kind of automatically looking for "heartier" lunches and/or dinners.
At the same time, our crisp light summer sippers are in need of replacement for the more full bodied whites and reds.  Light and refreshing Gruner Veltliners and Verdicchio whites are seasonally exchanged for Chardonnays, Godello amongst full bodied other whites as well as full bodied red wines such as Barolo, full bodied Cabernet from California, Ripe and big Aussie Shiraz, just to name a few.
So dust of the nice rot iron big pot, buy some beef for stewing with some root vegetables such as carrots, parnsips, add some potatoes, onions and herbs such as rosemary to your creation and cook it up in some nice broth and red wine.  Once cooking, look at your cellar (or go to the store) and pick out a nice big wine (see above for a few examples) and Guten Appetit.
If  you have any great fall recipes, post them here for exchange.

Happy Halloween

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