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I received an e-mail from one of our wine distributors who calls for a "No Nouveau" campaign this fall.
My first thoughts were, WOW, I hope that he doesn't have a wine maker in his portfolio that actually produces one.  My second thought was, WOW, somebody really doesn't like Beaujolais Nouveau.  This supposedly easy drinking, refreshing newly pressed grape juice from Beaujolais.  mmmmhhh, I took a moment and thought, he has a point if he refers to the poor and undrinkable Nouveau, we get shipped here into the US in the last 5-7 years (might be even a bit longer than that).
How that one month occurrence a year and with that the push for this red wine especially in wine stores and grocery stores, destroys the reputation for an entire wine region, as most US consumers don't know any other wines from that beautiful wine region called Beaujolais.  And with such quality
, we will likely never want to learn more about such wine.  What a shame as it is a region that has its own "Grand Cru" and Cru level wines.  A region that produces stellar wines with a little grape varietal called Gamay.
Nowadays, I couldn't blame anybody that would go rampage and refuse to buy or sell Beaujolais Nouveau, as the stuff has become undrinkable.  It used to be a good choice to go along with turkey for the big and grand thanksgiving dinner each year. But those days are gone!

And my third thought is
While I am not here to tell you, rebel or protest against Beaujolais Nouveau this November, I rather say, try something "Nouveau" and pick up a bottle of Cru Beaujolais, such as one from the sub region of Brouilly, Morgon or Moulin-a-Vent amongst other choices and be impressed what that region has to offer.  For that matter, why even wait until November, pick yourself one this week and try it!


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