Wine and Health | Red wine and weight loss

I wrote a few blogs by now that covered possible health benefits with the consumption of white and/or red wine, but this certainly seems to be one of the best researches yet!  Drink red wine and lose weight.  Again, drink wine and lose weight.  I guess, I did read this right the first time around.  But how?  
Some of the elements naturally found in red wine, appear to have way of intercepting fatty foods from becoming fatty tissue.  And while the research is far from done, it certainly seems that piceatannol (the element/chemical component) found in red wine berries, certainly seems to be able to block fat.
So, make sure that you have a glass of red wine, the next time you indulge into a fatty burger!

The blog was inspired by reading an article on Wine Spectator:

Link to the Wine Spectator online article:

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