Ponte Vedra Beach is home to the most prestigious golf tournament of the world, called The Players Championship.  It has the highest purse, for which 150 great golfers started to tee off yesterday morning on the famous Stadium course, known for its beautiful, scenic 17th hole.  The Players Championship, also often referred to as TPC, transforms this beautiful little town called Ponte Vedra Beach into a very happening place.  It is that time, when people request the reserve or so called captains wine list.  It is that time, when guest order magnum sized bottles of wine, when $300 dollars or more for a bottle of wine, doesn't really matter. When white burgundies are
being enjoyed, when wines like Screaming Eagle find new owners and are being dusted off the wine shelves.  The only sad thing is that most of these great wines, that waited all year to be opened and enjoyed, are more often than not, really just "bragging rights" wines.  In other words, they are just being ordered because they have a high rating and will impress others.  But after drinking all day already on the golf course, the only memory they will have the next day, is the crumbled restaurant receipt in their pocket, which reminds them of the name.

Oh well - I guess it takes all kind of wine drinkers in this world.   Enjoy the tournament and the great dining and wining if you are in town!

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