Drinking wine lowers risk of cancer

It wasn't really to any surprise that winespectator published a health news flash about cancer and wine, on the heel of the breast cancer awareness month.  Clever.  As I had written about before, there are certainly correlations between wine (alcohol in general) consumption and the positive impact on health.  The question that always remains - How much is true?!  Some say, drink in moderation, the recent article posted in wine spectator listed only having 1 glass has a positive reflection.  See, they all have different studies and results. Enjoying 2 glasses of wine equaled the results of not drinking at all (so might as well have two glasses) and enjoying more than 2 glasses had a negative impact.  I can't speak to others, but since the listed reduction is only around 13%, I might as well stay on my two glasses of wine per evening and have a happy life.

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