Embarrassing restaurant moments | How to avoid them

Could it get much worse when the waiter corrects your wine order???  I mean the pronunciation or when say “Actually 2001 was a much better vintage”.  I don’t think so, especially when on a date or with business partners.  Anyways, first things first.  Attention all waiters, servers or as I prefer to call them service professionals - DON'T do that! 
It is simply an unnecessary thing to do, unless they request you to tell them the proper pronouncing of the white wine or the red wine in question. 
Ok, since my audience isn't quite that big yet, and not all professional restaurant staff is reading my blog, let me assist you with some alternate ways to avoid such embarrassing moments
in the restaurant.  In today's fast world and smart phone internet access, you can properly easily access the needed information on your fingertips while being in the restaurant, but that won't impress a date or client who you might be dining with.  Instead look at the wine list online from home or work (if you can :) )!  That will give you multiple advantages.  You can pick the wine you want to order, learn more about it and its vintage rating et cetera, so by the time you get to the restaurant and the server ask for your order, you say.... "May I have a bottle of the 2006 Cabreo Il Borgo?  Once the waiter acknowledge your order, you can now look over to the rest of the table and tell them all about the wine, its 93 point rating, making the top 100 in the wine spectator 2008 rating and that the ordered venison special goes really well with that dish!  I would say - Impressive knowledge :)
Seeing the other people faces in your dinner party - priceless!

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