Wine legs | Wine Tears

Have you ever been to a wine tasting?  If so, you properly saw people swirl the wine glass and then hold the glass sideways against a white background.  If not, sorry to break the bad news to you, but haven’t really been to a wine tasting.  Anyways, there actually is a real reason as to why we look at the legs of a wine.  It offers a clear hint about the wine; however it DOES NOT tell you
anything about the quality of the wine!  Yes, that is right, the kind of guy who tries to look and act all important and keeps telling you that the bigger and darker the legs or tears of a wine are, the better the quality!  Do me a favor and start laughing the next time!  If he or she doesn’t believe it, simply place a coaster or so on top of the glass and watch his jaw drop as the tears/legs stop developing.  Why?  That’s right, we haven’t really covered that yet.
Alcohol has a lower surface tension than water and evaporates faster, therefore as you swirl your wine around the glass and it creates a thin film on the side of the wine glass, the alcohol is gone quicker than the water, causes the composition to change.  Than gravity kicks in, and the wine runs down the side of the glass.  So, what do I learn from the legs or so called tears?  Alcohol levels!  The bigger the tears or legs on the side of the glass, the higher is the alcohol content of the wine!  That in turn is usually a telling sign about warmer climates, riper fruit et cetera.  More about that in future blogs.
For a full breakdown on the tears of wine, visit this Wikipedia link:

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