Volcanic Wines | Canary Islands

As mentioned in my previous blog, I moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  Beautiful Island that I can highly recommend for anybody to go on vacation!  Anyways, don't want to blog about vacation destinations; I want to blog about wine.  Wine from the Canary Islands, wines like Vinatigo that is made with the local grape called Gual.  The wine is being produced on the Island of Tenerife and pairs well with seafood dishes.  The wine is full bodied and with a golden-green color to it.  Lots of citrus aromas lead by
lemon with a bit of spice on the finish.  The wine is certainly great for people that enjoy dry white wines with a good amount of minerality to it!
For the red wine lovers I already found a nice wine as well.  Fitting to where this wine is from, it is called Crater and is being produced on the north side of Tenerife.  Again, local unknown grape varieties are being used.  Listan Negro and Negramoll.  They use French as well as American Oak and the juice spends about 6 month in the barrel and then an additional 2 years in the bottle before being sold!  Impressive! The wine itself gets better when left alone for about 5 to 10 minutes in the glass before enjoyment.  Hints of dark fruits, mostly berry fruits, dominate the wine.  Again, you certainly get terroir as the wine is made this way to give a pure expression of the Islands volcanic soil.
Rest assured that I am far from done with my Canary wine tour, but I also stumbled over some stunning other Spanish wines, which are nowhere to be found in the US!

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