Memorial Day | BBQ

Who isn't looking forward to Memorial Day weekend to start?  Most of us already have their vision of how they spend their afternoons in the backyard, grilling, drinking and spending quality time with friends and family.  But what will you be throwing on the grill? And what will you be drinking?
If the weather is nice, most of us are likely to enjoy a few beers while grilling, but then what?
BBQ ribs and beer?  Sure, there is nothing wrong as long as you drink a nice micro brew,
like the Nut Sack Imperial Brown Ale from Engine 15.  A great fit for some BBQ.  If you like to enjoy some wine with your ribs or other BBQ style prepared meats of the grill, pick yourself up a nice couple bottles of  Zinfandel. But not that white Zinfandel stuff!  If you make your own BBQ sauce, like I do, add some Zinfandel when heating up your sauce.  Let me know if you want the BBQ sauce recipe!  I would be happy to post it here.
Grilling burgers?  Switch it up and buy some bison, or use some ground lamb meat!  It takes grilling burgers to a whole new level, now pair a nice bold Aussie Shiraz with that and you have yourself a meal!
So to sum it up, get out of your every Memorial Day grove, try something different, be adventurous, be American!  Be different!

Cheers and have a happy and save Memorial Day weekend!

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