Spring Time | Wine Time

With the spring finally on most people's doorstep, it becomes time to wipe of the outdoor furniture, wash the cushions and make a trip to your favorite store, the wine store!
Sitting outside, enjoying a nice fresh rosé or vibrant white, while having the sun shine in the sky, never gets old!  But what should I be looking for this spring?  While most young, fresh and vibrant wines will do, it wouldn't be me, if I didn't find a few that you might haven't heard of yet. One of those grape varietals is called Fiano.  Mostly known in the the south of Italy, in Campania as well as in Sicily.  The grape displays floral notes and hints of fresh apples
with nice minerality and citrus.  Simply perfect for a spring day wine.  Another favorite of mine that isn't new any longer, but still very unknown is a Verdejo, a Spanish grape varietal which is mostly grown in Rueda.  Perfect for any patio gathering.  If you prefer a rose like I often do, look for a young, Spaniard such as a Castillo de Monjardin Rosado from the Navarra region of Spain.  Simply delightful with fresh and ripe fruit from the nose to the finish.

So what are you waiting for?  Get to the store, buy some wine and cheese and call your friends for a Springtime gathering on your favorite place!

For the cheese, I suggest some Manchego cheese tossed quickly in some fresh garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  If you like, add some herbs as well.


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