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As promised, here is part 2.  New, or I should properly say, old and refurbished grape varietals are on the move.  Have you ever heard about Altesse, Insolia, Verdejo and Viura?  Or Teroldego, Nero d’Avola, Monastrel?  These are just some examples of different grapes that produce stunning white and red wines out of Spain and Italy.  Wines that haven't really been around for a while or were produced in such small quantity that nobody really knew about it. All that is changing as a different and mostly younger generation of wine makers continues to take over and challenge the old/new way of varietal selection, wine making and the works.  Elisabetta Foradori from the Trentino region is one of those examples and her wines are just absolutely amazing.  She re-introduced the usage of Amphora's for wine fermentation.  Below is a picture of her wine cellar where the Amphora style wine is made. 

Amphora's in Elisabetta Foradori's Wine Cellar

She mostly works with Teroldego which is a grape offspring from Syrah.

Click here to visit Elisabetta Foradori's webpage

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