Wines' New Year resolution

As most of us have some sort of New Year's resolutions such as weight loss, going back to school, eating more goodness, I don't think I could list all of the things some people are planning to accomplish in the "new year"!
Anyways, that got me thinking, what might be the New Year's resolution goal for wine?  Will Chardonnay continue to reduce the amount of over-oaked chardonnays coming to the market out of California?  Will Zinfandel amongst other grape varietals continue to fight to get on top? Will cork be able to have a strong comeback against all these screw cap lovers that are out there?  The questionnaire could go on and on.
Most people properly will try to lose some weight this year and to accomplish that, cut back the drinking of alcohol since that has the most empty calories period! 
But why?  So that you can “fall off the wagon” come St. Patrick’s Day or the first summer grill out with friends?  Come on... let me help you here.
If you want to lose weight, yet don't stop enjoying your nightly glass or two of wine, then don't!
One of the most important factors to losing weight is functionality!  You say what?
Right.  A friend of mine just made a couple things very clear to me and here it is:
Your kidneys need to see about 3 liters of water per day to wash and clear out toxins.  If you don't provide that, the toxins make their way to the liver.  The liver is supposed to break down fat et cetera, but if kept busy with dealing with toxins, it can't!  Simple and easy!  Now you know why they tell you to drink water!
Back to the wine…the second part to the weight loss is to control the wine "intake".  Most of us have a "house" white and red wine which we usually drink regular and it is likely that we might enjoy more than 1.5 to 2 glasses of that.  Substitute that for 1 to max 2 glass of a nicer bottle of wine and add that glass of water in between!  That way, you can kill three birds with one cork.

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