Florida Whiskey

Who would have thought?  Certainly not me!  Not that I am a whiskey snob or so, but Florida Whiskey?!
It certainly got my attention when I met the owners and producers Dick and Marti of Palm Ridge Reserve Whiskey a couple of month ago.
Palm Ridge Reserve Whiskey is truly a handmade, micro batched Florida whiskey.  And it is very good!
The whiskey only ages for about 1 year in 3 gallon wood barrels, but it is smooth with great notes of oak and some hint of caramel from the ageing.  The whiskey is hand bottled, labeled, etc. after that.
Look up their website for more in depth information if you like whiskey or got curious!
Or come to 619 Ocean View for dinner and try a sip.  You will be surprised how great whiskey from our own backyard can be!
Palm Ridge Reserve

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